UnitedHealth Settles Class Actions

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WSJ readers may enjoy “Update: Usual, Customary and Reasonable (UCR) Terminology”
by Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman, published in the American Dental Association News, April 2000.


I asked the President and CEO of Aetna U.S. Healthcare about the UCR issue at the Bear Stearn 12th Annual Health Care Conference in New York this past fall [September 1999]. I was subsequently asked to leave the conference. Are readers aware that Aetna will soon insure close to ten percent of the people in this country? Persistent letter writing and phone calls to Aetna paid off with the eloquent response below. I still don’t believe that Aetna’s Chief Medical Officer ever answered my question; will Aetna consider using the term ‘maximum plan allowance’ rather than ‘usual, customary and reasonable.’


Addendum: In December 1999 the CEO of Aetna was forced out of the company. A Wall Street Journal article at that time pointed to investor discontent that began in September 1999 that led to his ouster.

Read the Wall Street Journal article.

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