Possible fracture found on mesial root

March 12, 2009 9:09 pm Published by

This afternoon I continued the treatment of a patient’s #3 PFM crown. The crown came back from the lab with a Kaitlyn Loop on the lingual side of it for floss to keep a better hold of the crown. The crown was tried in, margins and contacts were checked, and occlusion was adjusted. The patient was satisfied with the esthetics and fit of the crown and signed a consent form for final cementation. The crown was cemented in with RelyX cement and the Kaitlyn Loop was removed.

The patient then complained of a chipped filling on the lower left. The patient is not currently in any pain. Tooth #19 was examined and the restoration was chipped on the buccal portion of the occlusal surface. A periapical and bitewing radiograph was taken of tooth #19. A periapical pathology was seen on the mesial root as well as a widening of the periodontal ligament on the distal root. Caries was found on the distal portion of the tooth. There is a possible fracture on the mesial root. The patient was given the information and treatment options and will return at the next visit to further explore the treatment options for this tooth.

N.S., New York University College of Dentistry

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