Patient presented with multiple caries

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Patient presented with multiple caries and restorations that needed treatment. When I arrived at the clinic, the dentist was just beginning to restore the patient’s heavily worn incisal/mesial edge of #9. His tooth was restored with a simple composite placed after etching (placing an etching gel for approximately 30 seconds, washing, and lightly air drying), priming, and bonding (priming and bonding with achieved with a single solution that was cured for about 20-30 seconds after placement). Composite chosen to match the patient’s tooth shade was A4.

After the composite restoration, the dentist proceeded to complete the TPS, evaluating each tooth and restoration for caries and defective restoration. Multiple defects were found in the patient’s dentition, but the patient decided to restore only the four of the defective restorations at this time. Furthermore, the patient was recommended to receive a bite guard in order to prevent supra-eruption (which Dr. Dorfman explained to the patient).

To address the proliferation of decay present throughout the patient’s dentition, the dentist discussed the effects of high sugar levels on the enamel, and the precautions that the patient could take in order to reduce detrimental effects of sugar on the teeth (ie. avoiding sugar, rinsing the mouth with water immediately after heavy sugar consumption). Next Visit: Patient has agreed to receive bonding treatment on the four teeth shown above as well as a bite guard.

H.C., Columbia University School of Dental Medicine

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