Orthodontics & Cosmetic Dental Bonding for Crooked Teeth & Gum Recession

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Orthodontics and Cosmetic Dental Bonding treat Crooked Teeth and Gum Recession.

Orthodontics and Cosmetic Dental Bonding treat Crooked Teeth and Gum Recession.

Photos #1 & 2:  This patient came to our office concerned with his appearance.  He disliked the crooked upper front teeth and the severe gum recession around his upper left teeth.  He also suffered from dental anxiety and hadn’t been to a dentist in many years.  Photo #3:  The gum recession is the result of prior gum surgery (performed elsewhere) that completely ignored the patient’s appearance.  The patient did not want to treat his anterior open bite or crowding of the lower teeth.

The patient was treated with two rounds of scaling and root planing, a conservative, non-surgical gum therapy.  Our Periodontist suggested limiting movement of the lateral incisor #10 because it had a poor crown to root ratio; therefore the central incisor #9 was retracted more than #10 was protruded.  This would also aid in reducing the anterior open bite.  The patient was then cleared for limited orthodontics.  The patient was put on three month recall exams with the Periodontist while in braces.

Photo #4:  Our Orthodontist placed cosmetic braces on the upper jaw.  Note that she used tooth-colored brackets and white wire.  After eight months the braces were removed and a bonded upper lingual retainer was placed.

Photos #5 & 6: Cosmetic dental bonding was placed by the author on the upper left teeth at the gumline using a special gum-colored composite resin material.  This bonding did not require any shots and was completed in less than one hour.


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This post was written by Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman