J&J Sales Show Health Care Feels the Pinch

January 21, 2009 11:48 am Published by
Mr. Weldon said “two of the most ‘fertile areas’ J&J is sizing up for deals are health information-technology companies and companies that specialize in wellness and disease prevention.”

I agree with Mr. Weldon’s vision. Information-technology companies can be an important way for J&J to grow as television and print media decrease in importance. Information-technology can also prove to be an important conduit, e.g. consolidation or online medical records, to help overcome serious problems in American healthcare delivery. Consolidation in healthcare need not be the top-heavy, paternalistic Management Service Organizations of the 90’s. Instead it could become regional centers of excellence and J&J can be a leader.

www.1dentist.com/about discusses what we have done over ten years combining premium private dental practice in mid-town Manhattan, pre-dental and dental school education, oral care products and internet dentistry. It works on a small scale and there is no reason it could not be rolled out into regional centers of excellence.

Some will understandably question the financial links of companies to healthcare but at least it can be openly disclosed. Many academic institutions and peer-reviewed journals cannot make this claim.

Read the Wall Street Journal Article.

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This post was written by Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman