Decalcified teeth lose their enamel mineral structure from sticky sugary acids in foods

teeth decalcification tooth cavity cavities dental caries interproximal incipient lesion white spot
Before and after pictures. Treatment of teeth decalcification. This is frequently caused by oral ingestion of fruit juices and improper oral hygiene. Fruit juice typically contains lots of sticky sugar and acid.
teeth decalcification decalcified interproximal lesion tooth decay cavity  bonding filling white
Decay removal in a large cavity and bonding. The arrow in the photo shows the white lesion on the outer edge of the tooth. This is an example of teeth decalcification. Note: “4. bonding. (the white in photo #2 is decalfication).”
interproximal tooth decay cavity caries, teeth decalcification decalcified dental dentistry white
Interproximal decay seen in this photo while removing an adjacent dental crown. Preparation into this stain clearly shows the white lesion that is diagnosed as tooth decalcification and brown tooth decay surrounding this white area.