Medical Advice: Health, Skin, Eyes, Heart, Plastic Surgery & Internal Medicine

      Everyone wants to look younger and feel healthier.  The most important doctor to first visit is an internist.  The internist visit should include blood and urine tests, and should ideally consider a fasting glucose tolerance test.  People need to eat well, stay well hydrated with water, and avoid sugar, alcohol and tobacco.  The importance of limiting your intake of sugar is not well understood by most people today.  It is a major cause of obesity and adult-onset diabetes.  Exercise moderately but frequently. Please visit our NYC Medical Group Doctors office for more information.


     Most people should visit a cardiologist by age 40, or sooner if there is a family history of heart disease or other medical conditions.  Heart attacks tend to occur with greater frequency in old age but when they occur in middle age they tend to be fatal more often.


     An eye exam by an ophthalmologist can provide insight into your general medical health beyond that of just testing your vision.  Laser eye surgery can correct your vision and also reduce or eliminate the need for eyeglasses.


     A visit to a dermatologist for cosmetic procedures should also include a full body examination for skin cancer.  It is possible to get skin cancer even on body parts that are not normally exposed to sunlight.  Using a high SPF lotion and/or new clothing that has SPF built in will help protect your skin from aging.


     Plastic surgeons offer more than commonly discussed procedures like corrective facial surgery or breast augmentation.  They should also be consulted after traumatic injuries are stabilized to ensure minimal scarring during healing.