Medical advice

Plastic surgery is most commonly performed for reconstructive or cosmetic reasons. Reconstructive procedures are done when a person is born with clinical abnormalities or suffers a bad accident and needs surgery to repair the damage.  Please visit our NYC Medical Group Doctors office for more information.

Cosmetic surgeries are very common in today’s society. Many people turn to cosmetic plastic surgery when they are not happy with their body. Common procedures are breast augmentation, breast reduction, rhinoplasty, liposuction, and laser treatments for removing scars and/or unwanted hair; however there are many more that are performed.

Before treatment is done the doctor must see if you are a good candidate for the surgery. If a teenager is inquiring about surgery for cosmetic reasons a doctor will want to make sure the teenager has reached their full growth and is emotionally stable enough to undergo cosmetic changes. It is important to understand that parts of our body can grow at different rates. For example, many times our faces grow into our noses. One who may seek rhinoplasty at a young age may no longer need the procedure at adulthood once everything has reached its proper proportion.

Recovery varies for each procedure. Some procedures do not involve any cutting and stitching (such as laser treatments). However, more invasive procedures may involve some pain, swelling and even bruising during recovery. Healing times vary with each patient and with each procedure performed.