Dental Health and the Heart

     The heart is one of the most important muscles in the body. Our heart supplies blood throughout our bodies providing the necessary Oxygen and nutrients the body needs to survive. The right side of the heart obtains deoxygenated blood from the body and pumps it into the lungs. The left side receives oxygenated blood from the lungs and sends it throughout the body.  Please visit our NYC Medical Group Doctors office for more information.


     The heart is composed of four important areas. On the top of the heart there are two chambers called the right and left atria. The two chambers on the bottom are the right and left ventricles. The septum is the separation between the right side of the heart and the left side of the heart. The atria fill with blood from the body and lungs and deposit the blood into the ventricles. The ventricles then supply blood out of the heart and into the body and lungs. While the ventricles squeeze blood into the body the atria refill and the cycle continues.


     In order for the blood to know where to go there are four valves within the heart. The mitral valve and the tricuspid valve allow blood to flow from the atria into the ventricles. The pulmonary valve and aortic valve are in charge of the rate of the blood flow as it leaves the ventricles.


     There are many blood vessels connected to the heart. The arteries carry blood away from the heart and the veins bring blood to the heart. The movement of blood throughout the body is called circulation. It is important for the blood to circulate properly or health problems may occur.


     Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in today’s society. Some causes of heart disease are out of our control such as age and genetics. However there are many other causes that can be prevented such as smoking, being overweight, and having high blood pressure.   It is important to take care of your heart. Exercise and proper diet will lead to a longer and healthier lifestyle.