Skin advice

     New York dermatologists say it is very important to take care of your skin. Many do not realize the benefits of skin. Skin is made up of multiple layers and protects our bodies and what is inside of them such as our muscles, bones, and organs. The outer layer we see everyday is called the epidermis. Our skin is constantly producing new cells so the skin we see is actually old skin cells. These old cells are tough and strong enabling them to be a good protective layer. The cells that do not produce new skin cells produce melanin which gives our skin a darker color.  Please visit our NYC Medical Group Doctors office for more information.


     The second layer, underneath the epidermis, is called the dermis. In this layer there are many blood vessels, sweat glands, nerve endings and oil glands. The blood vessels in the dermis transport Oxygen and other nutrients to the skin cells and remove wastes. The sweat glands help make our skin breathable and sweat escapes through small pores in our skin. The nerve endings send messages to your brain. If you touch something that is very hot they will let your body know and immediately have you move away from it. The oil glands produce natural oils in your body. These oils come to the surface of the epidermis and lubricate the skin.


     The bottom layer of skin is the subcutaneous layer and is mostly composed of fat. This layer works to keep our bodies warm and acts as a shock absorber if we fall down or bump into something. This is also where the roots of our hair follicles begin.


     Our blood vessels, hair follicles and sweat glands work together to control the temperature of our bodies. When we are hot our body sends a message to our brain to release heat. Our brain then signals our blood vessels which come to the surface causing us to look red sometimes. Our sweat glands work on cooling us down by producing lots of sweat to release our heat into the air. Once the sweat comes to the surface of our skin it begins to cool us down. When we are really cold our body tries to keep us warm by keeping the blood vessels away from the surface of our skin causing our hair to stick up straight and produces “goosebumps”.