Chiropractors, Diet and Personal Training

There are six facets of health.  Think of each facet of health as analogous to the spokes of a wheel.  It takes all six spokes functioning properly to keep the wheel turning (performing) smoothly, just as it takes all six facets of health working together to create a state of optimal health.  Just as the wheel weakens when a spoke breaks, so too does your health lower when one facet is neglected or abused.  Please visit our NYC medical group doctors office for more information.

PROPER EXERCISE – Exercise or movement is essential!  Just like the old saying goes, “Use it or lose it!”  Have you ever noticed what happens to a broken arm that is in a cast?  It shrinks, doesn’t it?  That is from the lack of exercise.  As spinal weaknesses are corrected via chiropractic, it is important to do specific exercises designed by a personal trainer to help strengthen the tone of your spinal muscles.

PROPER NUTRITION – five simple words – “You are what you eat!”  If you load your body with junk, you cannot expect it to perform like a Ferrari.  Diet & Nutrition are important.  (See article, “Nutrition & Inflammation”).

PROPER REST – Remember one third of our lifetime is spent in bed.  When we rest the body heals itself.  Do not sleep on your stomach; it can cause a lot of chiropractic problems.  It not only puts a tremendous strain on your neck and low back, it also weakens your abdominal muscles.  Sleep on your back (pillow under the knees) or on your side (pillow between the knees).

POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE – Your body does everything that your brain tells it to do.  If you constantly have a negative attitude, this causes your body to secrete certain substances which increase inflammation.  (Another good reason to be happy).

POSTURE – Your posture dictates your physiology.  The way you stand sends messages to your brain about the overall condition of your body, whether it is healthy or diseased.  The spine is the foundation of this posture.  If you have misalignments (subluxations) in your spine, it may cause a head tilt or an alteration in hip height, which will eventually cause a problem in your back, neck or anywhere in the body.

PROPER NERVE SUPPLY – a sound nervous system.  This is where chiropractic adjustments come into play. (See article titled, Chiropractic 101).

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