Chiropractor: Chiropractic Health, Diet, Nutrition & Personal Trainers - Part 1

The brain and nervous system are the master system of your body.  It is responsible for running and coordinating all parts of the body.  Chiropractors work with the nervous system because we realize that the seat of the body’s innate or inborn intelligence resides here.  The brain and the spinal cord are so important that they are both housed in bones – the skull and the spinal column.  This column is comprised of 24 moveable spinal bones.  They are separated by small shock absorbers called DISCS.  Nerves from the spinal cord then exit between the vertebrae and communicate with every cell in the body.  These nerves control everything from hearing, seeing, breathing, movement and all the internal organs.  Please visit our NYC medical group doctors office for more information.

When the brain is putting out proper messages or impulses-they travel down the spinal cord, out from between the vertebrae, to an organ, tissue or muscle group and all is well and the body functions as it was designed to.  It is only when there is an interruption with those nerve signals that a problem exists.  *90% OF ALL NERVE SYSTEM INTERFERENCE HAPPENS IN THE SPINE!  Vertebrae can slip out of position and put pressure on the nerves.  When this happens, that vital LIFE-FORCE traveling through the nerves is diminished or cut off completely.  When a bone is misaligned, it doesn’t necessarily cause pain, but it will cause a problem over time if the bone is not adjusted and the nerve pressure is released.  In chiropractic, we know that if a spinal bone is misaligned and pinches a nerve, it is a major cause of disease.  We call such a situation a SUBLUXATION.

A subluxation is an interference to function causing a lack of health due to a bone out of alignment causing spinal irritation.  If there is irritation and interference to the nervous system there is a compromise to the body’s ability to adapt and heal.  Some causes of subluxation are poor posture, pregnancy, on the job injury, sleeping wrong, car accident, improper lifting, sports injury and poor distribution of weight.

Okay, let’s make it simple.  If your nervous system is working up to snuff, you will be healthy and free from disease.  If a vertebra misaligns and irritates a nerve (subluxation), your resistance falls making you subject to back or neck pain, headaches or other symptoms.  It also initiates the degenerative or arthritic process in your spine!

Chiropractors find and remove nerve interference by “adjusting” the spinal vertebrae back into place.  Isn’t it time you received a chiropractic adjustment and allow your body to express it‘s healing abilities?

Dr. Jane Fitzgerald
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