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Wishing you and your family a blessed holiday season.

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Wishing you and your family a blessed holiday season. You have been one of the best doctors I have ever met. It is always such a pleasure coming for my appointments and sharing a laugh with you.
Love, L.L.

Yelp dental reviews – Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman

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I just went to this guys practice last week. I’m definitely not one to rave about the dentist, but this guy was actually a 5 star service.  First off, you know how you usually wait in the waiting room with 20 other people for 2 hours past your appointment time, reading magazines from 8 years ago?  Didn’t happen. I was only out there long enough to fill out all of the newbie paperwork, then immediately taken back into the office.

Second, you know how the dentist comes in, starts poking around in your mouth first off, spend 5 minutes, mumbles and leaves?  This guy actually spent an hour with me! An hour people! Just talking, getting to know me, and listening to what I wanted done. Never pushed me to get anything extra, and while he did point out some cavities I had, he didn’t immediately grab a drill, or start recommending 500 new treatments I HAD to have.

One caveat though. 5 star service, 5 star price, ouch. Worth it, but know that going in. I’ll be going back.

Jane, New York, NY

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Yelp dentist review of Dr. Jeff Dorfman

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I went to see Dr. Dorfman for a  tooth whitening.  The procedure  took about one hour, but I was listening to music the whole time and it was really relaxing.   The best part about it was that I didn’t have to take any bleaching trays home with me. Everything was done at the office and that was what I was looking for.  My teeth looked nice and white. I cant wait to go back in a few months to get it done again before my sons wedding day.

S. S., Middle Village, NY

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Yelp Dentist Reviews – Dr. Jeff Dorfman

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It’s been over a decade and it has cost me a small fortunate to see Jeff and folks; from braces to cavities to veneers to canker sore treatments… They don’t take insurance, so you have to pay upfront (though they will do the dirty work of filing for you), but then again insurance doesn’t pay much anyway. I have to say, you get what you pay for. No place is more sensitive your your pain and appearance than here. With all the high tech cool equipments and the bright, comfortable environment in this new office (no longer new but as oppose to the old one), the place finally match the personalities, professionalism with a human touch. Only negative, Jeff’s jokes get worse the longer you know him.

Man L., Brooklyn
NY 7/27/2011

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Yelp review of The Center for Special Dentistry – New York Cosmetic Dentist

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This dentist surprised me. After years of dealing with insurance companies I’d finally had enough of sticking with the “in-network” dentists they suggested. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Dorfman so I went to check him out.

Yes: The office takes insurance, but only if you have “out-of-network” benefits. Which never covers the whole thing, but oh well. The expense is worth it to me for the service – no waiting in the waiting room, doctors that deal with you like a human, not a number, and VERY (perhaps excessively) clearly designed treatments. You know every step of what they do and how much it costs before it is done. No surprises and back and forth with the insurance companies and doctors. So worth it.

R.C. B.
New York, NY

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