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My dentist is awesome! I’m a Broadway actor and my smile is my living.

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My dentist is awesome! I’m a Broadway actor and my smile is my living. Dr. D bleached my teeth, then used “bonding material” to close several gaps and change the shape of my smile. Now I look like a Hollywood star. Thanks Dr. D!

My review of the dental office of Dr. Jeff Dorfman, NYC dentist

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I went to the dentist for a significant cosmetic problem that I had been reluctant to fix for a long time because I was afraid.  Dr. Dorfman and his staff made me feel comfortable immediately and kept me comfortable throughout my treatment.  The dentistry with Dr. Dorfman and the other specialists in the office was completed more quickly than I had expected.  I love my new smile!

My smile was worth the trip from Europe!

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Thank you so much. Your dentistry has made me the happiest person alive! My smile was worth the trip from Europe! You are the best cosmetic dentist in New York and the world!
Lots of Hugs and Kisses, J.B.

Review of Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Jeff Dorfman

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Dr. Dorfman is gentle and funny.  That made me feel a lot better about my dental anxiety.  The dental work that the office performed was convenient because all the specialists I needed were in the office.  The cost of my dentistry was on the expensive side but I feel I received significant value.  I recommend this dental practice very highly.

Testimonial for my dentist, Dr. Dorfman

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I have wanted porcelain veneers for the past few years.  Dr. Dorfman and his lab techs made gorgeous veneers.  I am very happy with them.

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