RC - HS Student

Rose C. (RC) Bellino – high school intern


Staff Photo
RC, with her cousins, Kaitlyn and Sabrina



My ambition at this time is to observe and experience different occupations before deciding what might be the best career choice for me.




Family Chiropractic care                         Years Employed 1999-2003

                                                                                    Bronx, NY     

Front desk, computer work, answering phones, maintaining patient satisfaction, handling money, and assistant to doctor.



Dr. Jeffrey D. Dorfman and Associates    Year Employed 1999

                                                                                        New York, NY       

Front desk, computer work, answering phones, cleaning and prepping dental rooms, developing x-rays, and maintaining patients.



American Turner New York Beach Club Years Employed 2000-03

                                                                                  Bronx, NY

Guarding the pool and bay area, maintaining a clean workstation, acting in first aid, and organizing pool games and activities, First-aid, CPR, lifeguard, and waterfront rescue certified.



NEW YORK STATE REGENTS DIPLOMA            Years Attended 1999-2003

Cardinal Spellman High School                          Bronx, NY

Honors: First and Second Awards: Emerald Society club participation award. Acceptance into A.P. level and honor courses.



C.Y.O Catholic Youth Organization           1999-2003

I.T.V. instructional Television                     2001-2002

Year Book                                                2002-2003

Mission Representative                              1999-2003

Give a Gift Representative                          1999-2003

Emerald Society secretary                          2001-2003

Miss American Coed Pageant                    2000-2001

State Finalist and top 25

Student Government Senator                      1992-2003

Girl Scout