Karey - Columbia Intern

Karey P. Matthews – Columbia University Area Of Concentration Dental Internship for 2006

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Karey participated in the Columbia University School of Dental and Oral Surgery Area of Concentration (AOC) in our private practice in 2006.


Louisiana State Univeristy, Baton Rouge, LA

Degree: Bachelor of Science, Major: Chemistry, Minor: Microbiology

Columbia University College of Dental Medicine Student Doctor: New York City , New York



Temporary Dental Assistant,

THE GELB CENTER FOR CRANIOFACIAL PAIN, SLEEP DISORDERS & COSMETIC DENTISTRY, NY, NY *Temporary duties consisted of inserting, adjusting oral appliances(NORAD, GELB, NYU, MARRAR) for patients with TMD, snoring, and sleep apnea problems. Treatment planning, panorax x-rays, root canal treatment, alginate & regisil impression taking, laminate veneer placement, crown placement, writing lab Rx, assisted in trigger point injections for pain reduction, and made the weekly new patient forcast report.

Government Scientist – August, 1998 – August, 2000 NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTENATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH, Bethesda, MD

* Project(s) consist of developing skills to study racial differences in cancer risk, using a breast cancer case series analysis from MD Anderson.

* Activities involve Polymerase Chain Reaction and High Performance Liquid Chromatography analysis to develop new biomarkers of cancer risk, where gene-environment interactions will be assessed in the context of survival.

Senior Project – January, 1999 – May, 1999 LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY CHEMISTRY LABORATORIES, Baton Rouge, LA

* Using GC/MS, FTIR, NMR, HPLC/MS, UV-VIS, AAS, and x-ray Diffraction instruments to analyze inorganic/organic contaminants in drinking water for an elderly housing complex.

Research Student – January, 1999 – May, 1999 LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY CHEMISTRY LABORATORIES, Baton Rouge, LA

* Research consisted of synthesizing chitosan derivates.

* Operating NMR and lypholization instruments to characterize different polymer derivates.

Lab Technician and Grain Sampler – August, 1996 – October, 1996 MOREHOUSE GRAIN ELEVATOR, Mer Rouge, LA

* Established a small laboratory to test for aflatoxins in corn.

* Assisted in sampling and analyzing grain samples.

Research Intern – June, 1995 – August, 1995 JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE, Baltimore, MD

* Conducted research in the Pharmacology and Virology laboratories with Herpes type viruses.

* My duties consisted of using Western Immunoassays to detect Assemblin and its autoproteolytic products, An and Ac, in Cytomegalovirus.

* Presented work at the National Academy of Sciences and the National Institute of Health.


Research Student – August, 1994 – May, 1995 LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY CHEMISTRY LABORATORIES, Baton Rouge, LA *Learning and using UV-VIS to analyze guest host interactions of HBQ in Beta Cyclodextrin inclusion compounds.

Summer Intern – August, 1992


* Used Lotus 1-2-3 to construct cost utilization spread sheets to keep track of the amount of chemicals used in the pulp bleaching process.


Dentrix , C+ , Pascal, Lotus 1-2-3, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Chemical Abstracts


Columbia University School of Dental Medicine Dean?s Merit Scholarship, Dr. Marlene Klyvert Merit Award, American Chemical Society, LSU Board of Supervisors Scholarship, Paragon Civic Scholarship LSU Faculty and Staff honors award, Nationals Deans List

1995 – 1996, LSU Deans List Honoree, LSU Ambassador, Executive Assistant to SGA President.