Judy - Student

Dr. Judy Aspinall – Grad Student in Pedodontics (Children’s Dentistry) and Former Intern

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2007:  Dr. Judy Aspinall is beginning her second year in the Pedodontics (Children’s Dentistry) program at Jacobi Hospital.  She was recently married to a root canal specialist – ouch!

2005 Update:  Dr. Judy Aspinall is graduated the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine!! Wow. I’m getting old!  She is interested in going into Endodontics after a residency in San Diego.  Her sister, Nabila, recently joined our summer high school internship program.


Judy, aka ‘Judy Blue Eyes’, is in her second year at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. She is doing well and we are quite proud.


College of Staten Island, NY; BS in Biology

Performed experimental procedures in cell biology, genetics, immunology, ecology, organic chemistry, and behavioral biology.


Rio Bravo/Chevy’s in Staten Island: (1998-2000) Serves customers’ entrees in dining rooms: Obtains linen, silverware, and glassware to set tables. Provides dining room service to customers. Maintains assigned side station, including table pieces, and chairs. Trains new employees on customer service, maintaining side stations, and working as a team.

Staten Island University Dental Office: (1997) Schedules appointments and maintains clerical records, manually or via computer. Records treatment in patient records.

Hope for Kids: (1996-Present) Distributed food to the needy and registered children for immunization. Raised money for charity.


Microsoft Word, Lotus Wordpro, Wordperfect.


How did Sky get ahead of me on this list????