Geeta - The first Student

Dr. Geeta Sheogobind

Jeffrey Dorfman D.M.D. & Associates  New York, N.Y.
Certified Dental Assistant
Patient Treatment Manager

Recruited, trained and supervised support staff
Maintained delinquent accounts
Maintained inventory and supplies
Assisted in implant surgery procedures using Blade Vent, Subperiosteal, Meso-bars and Snap-Insert implants
Assisted in Periodontal procedures utilizing flaps, curettage and hydroxyapatite placement

Bernard Baruch College New York, N.Y.
Bachelor of Science

Major Psychology
Minor Chemistry
New York University New York, N.Y.

Wagner School of Public Service
Master of Public Administration

New York City Governor’s Scholarship

New York Literary Scholarship

Health and Hospitals Corporation New York, N.Y.

Office of the Chief Operating Officer
Generations +/Northern Manhattan Network and Harlem Hospital/
Columbia Presbyterian Health Center

Community Outreach
Commmunity Health Worker Program
New York, N.Y.

Harlem Hopsital/Columbia Presbyterian Health Center
Conducted dental health assessment through surveys and personal interviews
Performed intraoral and extraoral examination of the head, neck and oral cavity through inspection and palpation
Educated participants about toothbrush use, flossing, oral cancer, proper diet, substance abuse and smoking cessation

Capstone Project New York University/New York City Department of Health/
Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health Program
Evaluation of nurse-driven case management model