Geeta - The first Student

Dr. Geeta Sheogobind – our first full-time intern in 1993 and now a big shot dentist!




2007:  Dr. Geeta Sheogobind graduated from Howard University Dental School and will start her residency at Columbia University Dental School.  Wow!  Congratulations!


2005 Update.  Geeta will be entering her third year at Howard Dental.  She’s going to be a great dentist!




Geeta Sheogobind – our first full-time intern back in 1993!


I am second year student at Howard University College of Dentistry.  I am presently doing courses in Fixed Prosthodontics, Removable and Partial Dentures, Periondontics and doing clinic rotations.  I have also just completed the first half of my Pedo/Ortho lecture requirements and will continue on with oral surgery and endodontics this spring.  This summer I look forward to becoming a junior and treating patients in the clinics!






Experience       Jeffrey Dorfman D.M.D. & Associates                         New York, N.Y.


                          Certified Dental Assistant 1993-1996


  Patient Treatment Manager 1996-1999




        Recruited, trained and supervised support staff


        Maintained delinquent accounts


        Maintained inventory and supplies


        Assisted in implant surgery procedures using Blade Vent, Subperiosteal, Meso-bars and Snap-Insert implants


        Assisted in Periodontal procedures utilizing flaps, curettage and hydroxyappetite placement


Education         Bernard Baruch College                                                New York, N.Y.


                          Bachelor of Science, May 1999


Major Psychology


Minor Chemistry


New York University                                                      New York, N.Y.


                          Wagner School of Public Service, May 2002


Master of Public Administration




Awards            New York City Governor�s Scholarship


New York Literary Scholarship


Externship        Health and Hospitals Corporation                               New York, N.Y.


    2001              Office of the Chief Operating Officer


                          Generations +/Northern Manhattan Network and Harlem Hospital/


                          Columbia Presbyterian Health Center


        Toured dental clinic and observed cosmetic, periodontal and surgical procedures by faculty and fourth year dental students


        Conducted quality assurance interviews with Chiefs of Staff from Dentistry, Ambulatory Care, support Service and Capital Planning


        Literary review of �Eliminating Racial Disparities in Healthcare Delivery� form New York Academy of Medicine 2001


        Multi-Disciplinary Task Force Meeting participation with focus on problem solving techniques across dental, nursing, emergency care and social work departments


        Produced community section for harlem Hospital�s community Advisory Board (CAB) Presentation July 2001 with a focus on Outreach Activities of hospital






Community Outreach     Commmunity Health Worker Program      New York, N.Y.


2001-2002                                      Harlem Hopsital/Columbia Presbyterian Health Center


        Conducted dental health assessment through surveys and personal interviews


        Performed intraoral and extraoral examination of the head, neck and oral cavity through inspection and palpation


        Educated participants about toothbrush use, flossing, oral cancer, proper diet, substance abuse and smoking cessation


        Distributed toothbrushes, floss and mouthwash to program participants and community residents


        Made and tracked referrals to dental clinics








Capstone Project          New York University/New York City Department of Health/


2001-2002                             Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health Program


        Evaluation of nurse-driven case management model


        Demographic examination of catchment areas


        Evaluation of case management in MIRHP service delivery framework


        Review of outreach services to target population


        Comparison of healthy Families, Healthy Start and buffalo Perinatal Prenatal Task Force Outreach Programs


        Recommendations for resource use, internal and external quality assurance measures