Deborah - Student

Dr. Deborah Munoz – Former Intern

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2007:  Dr. Deborah Munoz graduated from UConn Dental and is now pursuing a graduate degree in Prosthodontics in Boston.

2005 Update:  Deb is now a second year student at UConn Dental School.  When will she visit us???  Oh, we forget. Her husband, Celso, is up in Boston at Harvard Business School so she goes there whenever she is free!


University of Pennsylvania, School of Arts and Sciences, Philadelphia, PA

Bachelor of Arts awarded in December 2000

Major: Biology

Courses of Interest: Health, Law & Public Policy, Health Care Systems, Urban Health Systems, Statistics for Biologists, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Cellular Biology and Biochemistry, Medical Anthropology, Medicine and Society: Pains, Plagues, & Poxes.

Activities: Journal Club (Biomedical literary discussion group)

Research Experience:

Pennsylvania Muscle Institute, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

February 1999-December 2000

Laboratory Assistant for Dr. Goldman