For Predental Students, Dental Students and Dentists

The Center for Special Dentistry® is a large group of New York Dentists, Specialists, Hygienists, Lab Techs, Staff and Students who offer Creative Solutions for Complex Dentistry®. Uniquely, we are also an academically-oriented teaching private practice. Students from all around the world visit to watch and learn how we diagnose, present and treat our patients. Some of our more notable past students are listed on the this page. Some of our current students are listed on the prior page.

Former Dentists When Practice Was Closed

See our incredible dentists

Office Staff When Practice Was Closed

See our awesome staff

PreDental Internship – Dental Shadowing

Our PreDental teaching program

Advanced Dental Education Program

Our teaching program for dental students and dentists

Dental School Admissions Consulting Program

This program provides assistance with U.S. dental school admission