Danielle Carmel Boston Univ Dental

Dani is currently a full-time intern at The Center for Special Dentistry. She will attend Boston University Dental School in Sept 2018.

Danielle Carmel

Teaching Assistant, Binghamton, NY, August 2014-May 2015
• TA for Chem 107 and Chem 108.
• Helped students with course material during quizzes.
• Proctored and administered exams.
• Helped the teacher grade exams and homework.

Teaching Assistant, Binghamton, NY, August 2015- May 2017
• Organic Chemistry
• Helped students with course material during quizzes.
• Proctored and administered exams.
• Helped teacher grade exams and homework.

Gastroenterology Offices, July 2015-August 2015
• Observed Dr. Lowy interact with patients.
• Spoke about issues in medicine and methods of interacting with patients

Gastroenterology Procedures, July 2015-August 2015
• Observed Dr. Shulman interact with patients and perform Gastro procedures.
• Interacted with Anesthesiologists and observed their procedures.

Lourdes Hospital, 168 Riverside Drive, Binghamton NY 13905, September 2014 – May 2015
• Post-Surgery Unit, Ambulatory Surgery Unit
• Gave patients meals and water, discharged patients, took laundry down for the patients, and renewed medical supplies out of stock.
• Lab Services
• Filed tissue specimen, filed patient records, and posted information-seals on medical items.
• Attained over 50 hours.

Obstetrics and Gynecology Research
Co-author on E-poster presentation for the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting, May 5-9, 2017, San Diego, California on “Blood Loss during voluntary termination of pregnancy: A comparison of Anesthetics.”
Blood Loss and VAB Study
• Tested the effect on how Methergine was administered on blood loss during abortions
• Pulled patient files from 2012-2014, indicating their BMI, age, EBL, drug administration, and other factors
• Used excel to create graphs for our statistics dataset
Assertion Survey Study
• Tested the question, “Are patients comfortable asking their physicians if they wash their hands?”
• Interacted with patients in Spanish and English to complete the surveys

Phi Mu, Binghamton, NY, March 2015
Intramural and Health Coordinator Chair, March 2016 – January 2017
• Sign up Phi Mu members for intramural sports and keep tabs on overall health of the chapter. This includes influencing them to eat right and exercise, thus maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

PanHellenic Rho Chi (Recruitment Counselor) January 2015-March 2015
• Mentorship Program
• Served as an advisor to potential members in sorority life on campus during this demanding three-day process.
• Training and prepping for recruitment.

Chemistry Club, Binghamton, NY, January 2013 – May 2017
Social VP
• Organized study fests for Chemistry students.
• Interacted with students in the Binghamton Chemistry department.
• Went to elementary schools to teach simple chemistry experiments to young students.
• Hung flyers around campus to promote our events.

Special Olympics, Binghamton, NY, September 2013 – December 2014
• Went to the elementary school in Binghamton weekly to play sports with adults who have disabilities.

Binghamton Dance Team, Binghamton, NY, September 2013-Current
• Choreographed and taught the dance to students on campus to prep for the annual dance recital in April.

Research Study, February 2013 – May 2017
• Conducted a study on electrochemistry and analytical chemistry.
• Goal was to investigate a cost-efficient, environmentally friendly, and high performance alternative to the basic battery.
• Worked with both undergraduate and graduate students to perform experiments using copper plating nanoparticles.
• Worked closely with Professor Nikoli Dimitrov.

Gift of Life, Binghamton, NY, September 2014-May 2015
• Tabled in the quad for the organization to get possible donors.
• Volunteered to swab cheeks and file their DNA for possible bone marrow and stem cell in the database to find potential matches for donors and recipients.

CMNH, Binghamton, NY, March 2015-Current
Dance Marathon Chair
• Overlooks all efforts to support Children’s Miracle Network Hospital
• Created a Morale Dance.
• Went to local business to fundraise for the event
• Visited CMNH to see where our money goes and to form ideas for the event.
Dance Marathon Family Relations Chair
• Met with families who were once supported by CMNH and provided my services to them. It was my job to ensure that the children enjoyed their time at Dance Marathon.

Cove Sound Studio, NY, June 2013
• Recorded a CD with covers of Pop music.
• Had the opportunity to experience the role of a musician and the effort that goes into creating music.

Sigma Alpha Lambda; National Leadership Honor Society, August 2014
VP of Community Service
• Helped make SAL a nationally recognized Society on campus.
• Raised 200 cans for Food Fight Against Hunger. The cans were donated to a local food pantry in Binghamton.
• Hosted ‘General Interest Meetings’ about what Sigma Alpha Lambda does and their Presidents Volunteer Service Award (PVSA).
• Managed our organization as a team on Dance Marathon. Dance Marathon is when we dance for 10 hours for children
• I promoted the events we held and participated in them, such as Relay for Life, MLK Service Day, and raising can-donations for other events.
• Take meeting notes and keep track of each member’s events and attended hours

CHABAD of Binghamton, Binghamton, NY, August 2013- Current
• Member of Chabad, a Jewish organization.
• Attend Shabbat services and meals, and engage in Jewish activities.

Stony Brook Discover Dental School: Summer Scholar’s Program
• Learned about dental profession and specialties
• Performed hands on activities related to dentistry such as bonding, pulpotomy, crown preps, working with typodonts, creating wax teeth molds, taking alginates, inserting and torquing implants, and much more.

Center for Special Dentistry Internship
• Interacting and communicating with patients and doctors
• Set up treatment rooms, sterilize instruments, learn differend methods and materials used in procedures
• Take xrays, create molds and prepare alginate and Impergum
• Adept in management software and insurance
• Editor for Continuing Education programs. Attends all CE courses done within the office.

United Synagogue Youth (USY), Jewish Organization, May 2007-May 2008
• Member of USY, a Jewish organization.
• Attended events where we engaged in various Jewish activities, as well as educational and charitable activities.

Gadna; Israeli Army Training, July 2011
• Spent a week training while in Israel through Camp Ramah.
• Selected to be Hebrew translator (Hebrew-English).

BOLT, Jericho, NY, September 2012- June 2013
• BOLT; Build our Leaders of Tomorrow.
• A course in high school that required an application process.
• Met for 2 extra hours in school to focus on teaching leadership methods and team-work building exercises
• Created and managed a school-wide project.
• Reached out to students to collect clothes to send to homeless shelter in NYC.
• Each item was marked and made sure that they were in good condition before sending it.