Three Years Working and Studying Full Time at The Center for Special Dentistry

January 16, 2011 11:16 pm Published by

I worked and studied at The Center for Special Dentistry for three years full time and learned more than I ever could have imagined when I applied to the program.

You get out of the program, what you put in it. Dr. Dorfman has been teaching a long time and carefully observes the learning curve of each of the students and pays attention to their willingness and effort in the office. When he can, he will share with you what he is working on and will introduce diagnosis and treatment planning and educate you on different cases. He practices intelligently and teaches you about the business side of dentistry as well. Before this program I did not realize all that it took to run a practice and am extremely grateful for everything that I have learned. I will use all the skills that Dr. Dorfman has taught me for the rest of my life and implement many of them in my career!

Students who made the greatest effort were able to learn the most in the program. Dr. Dorfman is EXTREMELY giving and wants his students to succeed. I HIGHLY recommend this program and encourage everyone to apply!

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This post was written by Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman