Second stage dental implant surgery on tooth #10

November 28, 2008 9:38 pm Published by

33 year old female presented for second stage implant surgery on tooth #10. Tooth #10 was lost due to an extraction by a previous dentist. It was mistakenly taken for a primary tooth. The implant was placed 6 months prior with no complications, and temporized with a Maryland bridge that was bonded to teeth #9 and #11 lingually.

Today the Maryland bridge was removed. Local anesthesia was given, and an envelope incision made. A healing abutment was placed and the occlusion adjusted to leave the abutment out of occlusion. A periapical xray was taken to demonstrate the proper seating of the healing abutment, and then it was torqued into place. The abutment was temporized using a duralay temporary and adjusted for proper occlusion. No sutures were needed. After proper healing of the tissue, a final impression for an implant crown will be taken.

N.D., New York University College of Dentistry

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