My summer at the Center for Special Dentistry

August 28, 2012 11:40 pm Published by

Terrence L
My summer at the Center for Special Dentistry was a truly eye opening one.  I was able to see dozens of procedures and I had access to tons of informative research that was able to help me understand what I was seeing.  I was able to view a niche of dentistry that I had never even heard of.  Even though I am just starting high school, this experience solidified my interest in a future career in cosmetic dentistry.  I was in awe of what Dr. Dorfman could do.  He flawlessly transformed barren mouths into beautiful smiles. Also, Dr. Dorfman was able to effectively keep phobic patients comfortable, which I thought was incredible, seeing that some of these people had not visited a dentist in over 15 years due to their fear. As a result of my exposure, I can’t help looking at people’s mouths now and thinking about how Dr. Dorfman and his team could make their smiles beautiful.  I truly appreciate the kindness of everyone at the Center for Special Dentistry and I am most grateful to Dr. Dorfman for this amazing opportunity.

Terrence L.*
*Future DMD trained under the esteemed Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman

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