My Student Experience at The Center for Special Dentistry

January 16, 2011 10:55 pm Published by

Hi, I am currently an intern at Dr. Dorfman’s Center for Special Dentistry and I also wanted to add a few insights:

The intention is to offer patients extremely high-end dental care because he actually cares about it. All dentists & specialists in the office are encouraged to take as long as they need to perform dentistry as well as possible. Patients leave happy, well informed and with a new friend; he really cares about the patients and their dentistry.

You cannot work for what you don’t know exists. I never even considered that a world outside of insurance dentistry exists before I came to the office. It’s a hard thing to achieve, and you have to work really hard to make it work, but it opens up your options as a dentist. At the same time, Dr. Dorfman has been a pro bono professor at both Columbia and NYU dental schools for nearly 20 combined years; for over 12 years dental students were legally allowed to treat charity dental cases in the office for extremely low fees. A high school internship also exists in the office to mentor inner city kids.

I have learned a ton of dentistry and have made some potentially life long friends. I really recommend this program!

— P.C.

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