My internship at The Center for Special Dentistry

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My internship at The Center for Special Dentistry:

My name is Agnes, i am french, and I’m studying in romania in a dental school. And I’m in 4th year now, i went there because i was able to study dentistry in english which is not possible in France.

So i was looking for an internship for the summer, and i’ve found on internet the Center for special dentistry that accepts foreigners. i looked first all the cases that Dr Dorfman have done, and i thought it could be very interesting to go there. So i have applied, and i got accepted. And since then, I have seen a lot of things that i have never seen before, and that i think i would never see again in any other dental offices. I have seen cases, techniques that are incredible. I have seen amazing things that in a normal office you would never see. That was really a great experience.

Every day i was going to the office,  i was really excited, because i knew i would see something different again. The way that Dr Dorfman explains things , the way he talks to his patients and the time he spend with them is awesome. I have never seen any dentist that careful. Plus that, all the dental staff and other dentist are really nice and helpful. I have never seen such a staff, there are dentist for each specialities, which is crazy, even a maxillo facial surgeon and anesthesist when they need it. Whenever you need something, or you have question, or whatever, they are here to help you.

I will miss all of them, because since the first day you arrive, you just feel like it is a big family. Its not a normal office, thats why its called special dentistry. They dont offer just dentistry but something “special” too, they work with their heart, and its something beautiful to see when you are a young student starting in this work. Its beautiful to see that after many years they are still so nice and enthousiastic with each patient, and that they keep transmitting their passion of work to us students.

And its not just an internship where you watch, its like a class, because while Dr Dorfman will have a patient, he will ask you some questions, about the X Rays, about what you can see, or why this patient have any kind of problem. Which is great because you learn even more, and if you don’t know something, its okay, because he will explain you really good afterwards.

Anyway, this internship was really great, and i will come back as soon as i can.

Agnès Gabay

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