Patient with severe upper right tooth pain

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Patient presented with a chief complaint of severe pain on the upper right. There was a root canal and crown done on #2 in the past, so before examination it was thought that perhaps this tooth would be the culprit. However, the patient was quite specific in pointing out that the pain was coming from the cervical region of #3. A periapical radiograph was taken and it showed that there was neither pathology nor caries.

dental x-ray xray radiograph of a tooth that needs root canal therapy

It was determined that the pain was probably due to abrasion from abrasive tooth brushing habits. The area was slightly abraded with a high speed, acid etched, bonded, and composite was placed.

The patient was told that initially there may be more sensitivity but that in a few days the pain should go away. Should the pain not go away it may warrant further exploration and possibly necessitate endodontic therapy.

N.S., New York University College of Dentistry

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