Interviewing a recently graduated Endodontist

November 25, 2008 3:16 pm Published by

Today’s session proved to be quite educational. Dr. Dorfman met with a newly graduated endodontist seeking career guidance. Dr. Dorfman frequently meets with young dentists and specialists to help them prepare for the transition to private practice. The meeting consisted of the endodontist showing some pre-operative and post-operative radiographs of her work to show her competency. In addition, she answered some questions regarding endodontic and emergency care and afterwards took a tour of the the office. Being included in this meeting provided me two different viewpoints. While one view may be more applicable to my current position as a graduating student, hopefully the other view will be applicable in a few years as I begin to build my own comprehensive practice.

N.S., New York University College of Dentistry

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