Insertion and cementation of porcelain tooth veneers from #4-14

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Today a female patient came in for insertion and cementation of veneers from #4-14. Previously the patient had veneers from #6-11, which she was satisfied with, but she wanted a full new set of upper veneers completed to make her smile beautiful. At the last visit the current veneers on #6-11 were removed and #4-14 were prepped and temped. At this visit the temporaries were removed by cutting them down the mid-facial aspect with a bur. Incipient decay was removed on teeth # 4, 12, 13, and 14. The veneers were tried in and shown to the patient before cementation, and the patient was quite satisfied with the shape, size, and color. The veneers were the cemented in with Nexus Base Clear, a very esthetic cement. Occlusion and esthetics were checked. She will return later for mandibular veneers.

porcelain tooth veneer preparation

Figure 1. The patient with veneers from #6-11. She was very happy with them but has a wide smile and would like the full smile to be veneered.

dental veneers laminates procedure

Figure 2. The teeth prepped for veneers. Minimal preparation is needed.

Figure 3. Some of the incipient lesions that were prepped to remove decay.

Figure 4. Occlusal view of the cemented veneers from #4-14

cosmetic dentistry porcelain tooth teeth dental veneers laminatescosmetic dentistry porcelain tooth teeth dental veneers laminates procedure technique

 Figure 5. Frontal views of the final veneers from #4-14.

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