Implant placement on a 25 year old female

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This afternoon I viewed a patient who was in for an implant placement on #9. The 25 year old female had the tooth extracted over 10 years ago because the tooth would not erupt and was not able to be orthodontically erupted. Prior to the implant surgery a bacterial culture was taken because of a few severe localized pockets on select molars and premolars, which may be indicative of post-juvenile periodontitis. (See Image #1) The bacterial culture was taken by placing paper points into the facial and lingual sites of each deep pocket location for a few seconds, and then placed into the culture solution. The culture will be sent to an oral microbiology lab for testing and further treatment will be decided on then.

The patient received profound anesthesia prior to the implant placement. The size and location of the edentulous area indicated the use of a 3.5mm x 12mm implant in the area of #9. (See Image #2 and #3) Radiographs were taken to verify the placement and seating of the implant and healing abutment and sutures were placed to reapproximate the tissues for successful healing. The patient has been wearing a flipper for approximately 8 years and therefore the seating of the flipper post-surgery was confirmed and no adjustments were necessary.

N.S., New York University College of Dentistry

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