Henry Schein and Danaher: Dentrix and Dexis

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I grew up as a dentist using EZ Dental and about ten years ago I moved on to Dentrix for the supposedly superior imaging.  A few years ago Henry Schein, the corporate giant-owner of Dentrix, sold the imaging component to Danaher, the corporate giant-owner of Dexis.  Now Dexis wants to resell me their updated imaging software that I thought I had already bought from Dentrix.

In January 2014 my local rep offered me this deal:

“The Dexis imaging integration would cost you half of the original price quoted.   We would charge you our cost which is $3182 with tax the total would be $3452.47.   I would then give you merchandise certificates totaling $952.47 which you would pay your regular Schein bill with.  This would bring your cost down to $2,500.

The Dexis imaging package would include the bridges to Dentrix and ScanX as well as 4 hours of training.   So you getting quite a bit more than just the imaging SW.”

I didn’t do it.

Today, Oct 6 2014, I was visited by both a Schein and Dexis rep.  They gave me an upgrade price of $5,111.45 and said:

“..unfortunately we can no longer honor the offer that … had put together for you back in January as it was tied to your then level of merchandise spending with Henry Schein.  We can however offer you the special discounted Dexis software bundle which will allow you to upgrade your current Dentrix Image software over to Dexis with full Dentrix Image conversion and on-site training.  Please let us know if you’d like to proceed with this.”

I have dramatically reduced my overall spending with Henry Schein because they are no longer price-competitive.  I will now look at different dental practice management software because this is horrible customer service.  I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

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This post was written by Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman