Google Cools Off, and Stock Drops

January 20, 2012 12:58 am Published by

Google has become inextricably linked with online search, email and maps but it is not loved. Apple is loved. Perhaps Google should not have dropped the “don’t be evil” motto in 2009 because it has become merely a useful tool.

There is significant discontent with Google’s black box algorithm. Search for it on Bing. There is significant fear among online advertisers about Google’s ability to unilaterally crush a business without recourse in a manner reminiscent of the Russia Sergey Brin sought to escape.

Larry Page should refocus on search ads and learn how to make his search advertisers happy so they won’t be so willing to jump to the next Facebook-like competitor. Otherwise our data suggests a downward trend for Google.

Read The Wall Street Journal article.

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This post was written by Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman