CEO’s and Doctors: A Classic Case of the Rabbit and the Hare

November 4, 2008 11:20 am Published by

The increasing cost of health care has become a major concern to the US Government, business and all Americans. Corporate salaries for senior executives is unnecessarily excessive and I see this as a cause of the problem.

Doctors belong in a similar socio-economic group as senior corporate executives, though years of profligate corporate spending during the roaring 1990’s has created quite a wide gap.

Now it’s the doctor’s turn to turn the screws and raise rates by 15%, year after year, so that they will be able to live in the same neighborhood as their corporate brethren. The Wall Street Journal teaches that wealth is a relative term and thus similar socio-economic groups should naturally seek parity.

It’s a classic case of the rabbit and the hare. Bring sanity back to corporate compensation and the cost of medical services will follow.

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