30 year old female presented with chipped porcelain veneer

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30 year old female presented to the dental office for an unscheduled appointment. Her chief complaint was a chipped porcelain tooth veneer on #8 that occurred from a glass hitting #8 while drinking a glass of white wine. The veneer was placed in this office 3 years prior.

Today the patient was given several options in resolving the chief complaint. The first option was that the veneer could be smoothed where the fracture left it sharp, and then either left as is, or bonded as a class 4 at a later time. The other option given was that the veneer could be replaced if the smoothing or the bonding did not give desirable results.

The patient chose at this time to smooth the sharp edges of the fractured veneer and then to come in for a later visit for a class 4 bonding. The veneer was smoothed with a football diamond bur. The patient was happy with results of smoothing the veneer.

N.D., New York University College of Dentistry

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