A dark upper front tooth after root canal is common and needed teeth whitening on just this tooth

Before and after photos on teeth whitening for non vital teeth after root canal performed in our NYC whitening bleaching office.

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A female patient presented with a dark upper front tooth. An endodontist, root canal specialist, performed root canal therapy and then a cosmetic dentist performed in-office teeth whitening on just this tooth. It is common to see a change in tooth color when the nerve in a tooth dies and it needs root canal. This can occur in one tooth and is frequently associated with traumatic injury from falling, fighting or other accidents. This discoloration is different from when all the teeth appear dark or yellow.
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Treatment of an upper front tooth following traumatic injury. An non-vital tooth means the tooth either had root canal therapy or needs it because the nerve is dead. 1) Tooth #8 shows a burst blood vessel through enamel and deep cracks. 2) Following root canal therapy and “walking” internal bleach for just this one tooth. This tooth bleach was left inside the tooth for one week. 3) Following external office whitening of all teeth. 4) Beginning incisal reduction for porcelain veneers. This patient wanted to eliminate facial bonding on #9 and deep crack lines. 5) Beginning facial reduction using depth cuts. 6) Final preparation for porcelain veneers laminates. 7) Porcelain laminates on master model. 8) Porcelain veneers cemented.