The dental pulp tooth nerve or root canal is seen through a thin layer of dentin

Our NYC endodontics team includes 16 cosmetic dentists, specialists including two endodontists – root canal specialists – and lab ceramists. In particular our low-volume office offers high-end care including placement of crowns after completion of root canal. Therefore our treatment is quick and comfortable. In addition our MD-anesthesiologist offers several options for dental sedation and nitrous oxide laughing gas. We offer intelligent and honest diagnosis based upon 31+ years of experience. Before and after cavity photos on indirect pulp cap treats reversible nerve pulpitis performed in our NYC Root Canal office.

pulpitis dental pulp tooth nerve, root canal can be seen through dentin
The dental pulp (tooth nerve or root canal) can be seen in the middle of this preparation through a thin layer of dentin.
indirect pulp cap, reversible pulpitis, exposure tooth nerve teeth dental pulp large cavity caries
How to pictures show tooth decay dental caries removal using a dental drill. In photo 3) the large tooth cavity is removed; the pink color. Drilling near the tooth nerve but not actually touching it with either the dental drill bur or a dental hand instrument may be called an indirect pulp cap. Bleeding from the dental nerve means that the dentist was directly in the dental pulp and pulpitis symptoms reversible or irreversible are more likely to occur. The text in this image says: Decay removal in a large cavity and Bonding. 1. Initial cavity. 2. decay exposed. 3. decay removed. 4. bonding. (the white in photo #2 is decalcification).
indirect pulp cap pulpitis tooth nerve teeth dental pulp exposure decay symptoms treatment
Photos help explain the meaning of an Indirect Pulp Cap in dentistry. Indirect means that the tooth nerve exposure did not occur but was close. Treatment choices: 1) Dental Bonding only; 2) Dental Bonding the deeper tooth preparation drilling and a dental crown on top; 3) Root canal treatment and dental crown. The treatment choices can be made partially based upon tooth pain symptoms. If a pulpitis occurs then the question is – based upon the size and depth of the dental caries – whether a reversible pulpitis or irreversible pulpitiis would be expected. This is largely based upon dentist personal experience because it cannot be taught in textbooks.
reversible pulpitis tooth nerve teeth dental pulp indirect pulp cap symptoms treatment
How to tooth bonding technique pictures show an
indirect pulp cap – near dental pulp exposure. The dental pulp or tooth nerve is a blood vessel and nerve that is contained within a hollow void in the middle of the tooth called a root canal.
reversible pulpitis indirect pulp cap tooth nerve teeth dental pulp exposure cavity caries decay
Dental bonding can be used in the treatment of reversible pulpitis symptoms – tooth pain – in a broken tooth. These pictures show how to remove a fractured silver dental filling and the removal of tooth decay near the tooth nerve.