Partial anodontia treatment and dental reconstruction with porcelain crowns

Before and after photos on smile makeover for a partial anodontia patient performed in our NYC Smile Makeover office.  Partial anodontia is fairly common and may involve missing one or two teeth.  Sometimes it can involve missing a significant number of teeth as seen in the first two images below.  It is most commonly limited to dentistry and may not be associated with any other medical condition other than being genetically inherited.

genetic partial anodontia, congenitally missing tooth teeth pictures treatment cure diagnosis
Smile Makeover oral rehabilitation for a partial anodontia patient. This 30 year old female had many missing adult teeth, retained baby teeth and a closed teeth bite. Before and after pictures. Treatment involved two full jaws of porcelain dental bridges. Photo #1 of 2.
congenitally missing teeth, partial anodontia, genetic, dental crowns treatment cure
Partial anodontia treatment with Porcelain Dental Reconstruction Crowns for a 30 year old female who had many congenitally missing teeth. Partial anodontia is genetically inherited. Mid-treatment pictures. The opposite of partial anodontia – having extra teeth – is called supernumerary teeth. Photo #2 of 2.
peg lateral tooth, porcelain crown, dental cap, congenital genetic, peg-shaped treatment
Porcelain dental crown placement on an upper peg-shaped lateral incisor tooth #10. Root canal therapy was also performed. Before and after pictures are shown. A peg shaped lateral is also genetically inherited but it is not considered partial anodontia.