Partial anodontia treatment and dental reconstruction with porcelain crowns

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Smile Makeover oral rehabilitation for a partial anodontia patient. This 30 year old female had many missing adult teeth, retained baby teeth and a closed teeth bite. Before and after pictures. Treatment involved two full jaws of porcelain dental bridges. Photo #1 of 2.
congenitally missing teeth, partial anodontia, genetic, dental crowns treatment cure
Partial anodontia treatment with Porcelain Dental Reconstruction Crowns for a 30 year old female who had many congenitally missing teeth. Partial anodontia is genetically inherited. Mid-treatment pictures. The opposite of partial anodontia – having extra teeth – is called supernumerary teeth. Photo #2 of 2.
peg lateral tooth, porcelain crown, dental cap, congenital genetic, peg-shaped treatment
Porcelain dental crown placement on an upper peg-shaped lateral incisor tooth #10. Root canal therapy was also performed. Before and after pictures are shown. A peg shaped lateral is also genetically inherited but it is not considered partial anodontia.