Sleep Apnea Diagnosis and Treatment

A Sleep Apnea device or appliance is used to treat sleep apnea in people who don’t want to wear a CPAP at night. It has several different names that all typically mean the same thing like a Mandibular Advancement Device MAD or OAT for Occlusal Appliance Therapy.  This information on Sleep Apnea Treatment was created in our NYC Sleep Apnea Snoring office.

This is Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman at The Center for Special Dentistry in New York talking about a mandibular advancement device which is used to treat sleep apnea in people who do not want to wear a CPAP at night. This mandibular advancement device, also referred to as an OAT, Occlusal Appliance Therapy, is used to bring your lower jaw forward slightly while you sleep, which will open up the airway. When you are having this type of work done with our specialists in our practice, you first must have a sleep study performed by a sleep medicine physician. You then bring the results of that test back to our office for analysis; we then take molds to have an appliance made for you. After it’s delivered at the subsequent visit, you will then have a period of weeks to habituate to it and then you will go back to your sleep medicine physician to see if the sleep apnea has been dramatically reduced with this device. When your sleep apnea treatment is successfully confirmed, then it’s safe to discontinue the use of your CPAP!