Cosmetic dentistry with composite resin teeth bonding is used to close spaces between teeth

Before and after photos on composite resin teeth bonding to close tooth gaps performed in our NYC Cosmetic Dentistry office.

cosmetic dentistry before a wedding, reshaping teeth bride, bonding
Cosmetic Dentistry performed three days before a wedding. The bride wanted a fast and cost-effective improvement to her smile in one visit. We offered her Sculpting – reshaping her teeth – and Cosmetic Bonding for her upper right canine to make it look like a lateral incisor. Treatment time: 25 minutes without the need for a shot.
Porcelain Veneer, Laminate, Tooth Composite Resin Bonding, pink porcelain gum gum line
Cosmetic Dentistry with one dental bonding and one porcelain veneer. Treatment time: 2 visits. The patient refused orthodontic treatment. The Veneer had pink porcelain around the gingival margin (gum) to hide its relative height.
dental composite resin bonding to close spaces, tooth gaps, spacing, aesthetic dental
Tooth Bonding to close teeth gap cosmetic defects.
One millimeter was prepared – drilled – into the mesio-lingual to add mechanical retention. Composite resin bonding was only added to the lingual surface. This allows labial enamel to naturally reflect light.
close diastema, tooth space, teeth gap gaps, composite resin bonding
Tooth Bonding to close teeth space between the upper two front teeth – diastema. Teeth Gap Closure Technique using dental composite resin is shown in these pictures.
diastema, front tooth gap, dentistry bonding to close teeth spaces, cosmetic
Aesthetic Dental Bonding – a white tooth filling material – is used here to close teeth spaces, gaps.
Treatment time: 1 visit. A 1 mm channel was prepared in the mesial surfaces of both teeth to add mechanical retention. Bonding was only added to the mesial surface and contoured around the gingival gum papilla.
teeth gap gaps bonding to close tooth spaces, white fillings
Closing teeth spaces – gaps – with white composite resin that matches the teeth color. Composite resin, dental bonding and white teeth fillings are used interchangeably here though there are technical differences between them.
supernumerary teeth bonding to close spaces spacing gaps dental

Cosmetic Dentistry (with extraction of a supernumerary tooth and dental bonding). Treatment time: one visit.

The supernumerary tooth was first prepared to open the interproximal area between the remaining teeth. Composite bonding was then placed interproximally on both teeth as if the supernumerary was already gone (this gives a clean field). Then the supernumerary tooth was extracted.

dental bonding for lower front tooth filling spaces, teeth gap space gaps
Teeth Bonding to close a teeth gap. It is always healthier for patient’s gums to create rounded, confluent gingival margins when bonding to close spaces. However, most patients would prefer not to see an open gingival embrasure. Discuss this with your patient after seeing where their lip line falls during conversation. A satisfactory compromise between health and esthetics is usually attainable.
dental composite resin bonding, gap teeth, tooth spacing, dentistry, white tooth filling
Aesthetic Tooth Bonding – a white tooth filling material – is used here to close spaces, gaps between teeth.
diastema, front tooth gap, bonding to close spaces, composite resins
Teeth Bonding to close a diastema (the space between the two upper front teeth). When the space to be closed is very large consider NOT completely closing it because it will make the teeth look too wide relative to their length. Discuss beforehand!
dental composite resin bonding, close front tooth gaps, dentist
Composite resin technique to close a tooth space – teeth gap. How to pictures. Dental composite and composite resin are used interchangeably here.
dentist bonding bond dentistry bonded teeth gap gaps space
Dental Bonding to close spaces. Note ideal class one canine relationship.
dentistry tooth bond, spaces, gaps
Bonding to close a diastema (space between the upper front teeth) and capping to close spaces around the bilateral missing laterals. Pictures show the treatment sequence.
bonding to close teeth tooth space gap, cosmetic bonding, technique smile mouth
Bonding technique to close space – gap – between lower front teeth. Extra oral – outside the mouth – photographs.
dental bonding to close spaces, cosmetic bonding, diastema, dental filling
Dental Composite Resin Technique. Closing a diastema (space between the upper two front teeth). Steps are numbered in sequence 1-8 below:
1) Diastema
2) Groove prepped into mesial
3) Etch
4) Placement of bonding; note matrix “piece.”
5) After shaping with plastic instrument.
6) Other side of matrix piece.
7) Shaping with flame finishing bur.
8) Finish
teeth bonding to close spaces, resins, white tooth filling gap gaps smile mouth oral pictures
Using dental bonding – white tooth filling material – to close spaces between the two lower front teeth.
Treatment time: one visit without the need for novocaine.
Diastema, Cosmetic Dentistry, Bonding, white tooth filling Spaces Close Gaps gap
Closing a diastema (the space between the two upper front teeth) with dental commposite. Note how the bonding contours around the gingival papilla – gum point.
White Fillings, fillins, Sculpting, Shaping, Filling in Spaces, Reshaping dental pictures
Cosmetic dentistry with Sculpting, reshaping, and Teeth Bonding. Note how the incisal edges of the top and bottom teeth were reshaped and how the space on the upper lateral incisor was closed with bonding.
Cosmetic Dentistry, Sculpting, Shaping, Bonding, Reshaping, white dental filling fillings
Cosmetic dentistry with Sculpting (reshaping) and Bonding the upper central incisors. Note how the eccentric shapes of the centrals were reduced and bonding was added to the mesio-incisal angles. Collectively, this makes the teeth appear straight.