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Historical Dental Implant Educational Materials by Dr. Leonard Linkow

The Center for Special Dentistry® ( is pleased to offer this dental implant content by Dr. Leonard Linkow. Understanding implant dentistry today requires an historical perspective. Dr. Leonard Linkow was born in 1926. He placed his first dental implant in 1952. By 1992, Dr. Linkow had placed over 19,000 dental implants and stopped counting. He retired in 2002 after producing 20 books and 36 patents. Many implant dentists refer to Dr. Leonard Linkow as the grandfather of modern implant dentistry.

The Center for Special Dentistry® ( offers cosmetic multi-specialty dental implant reconstruction. Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman, the Director, practiced with Dr. Linkow in the 1980’s. Contact: or 212.758.1000.

--Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman, May 17, 2004

The Dr. Leonard Linkow collection: Textbooks, Videos and Slideshows.

Please email us to learn Dr. Linkow’s current lecture schedule and/or to request a special lecture for your school, organization or study group. A recent lecture favorite has been “Mandibular Tripodal Subperiosteal Implants."

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Textbook Index
Title Author
Mandibular Implants (published 1977) Dr. Leonard I. Linkow
Maxillary Implants (published 1977) Dr. Leonard I. Linkow
Theories and Techniques of Oral Implantology (vol.1) (published 1970) Dr. Leonard I. Linkow
Theories and Techniques of Oral Implantology (vol.2) (published 1970) Dr. Leonard I. Linkow

Blade Implant Surgeries on Three Patients - 1973

History of Mandibular Subperiosteal Dental Implants

Mandibular Dental Implants: A Dynamic Approach to Oral Implantology

The Five Piece Symphyseal Rami Dental Implant - Symphysis Ramus - 1976

Dr. Leonard Linkow reviews his 60 year career in Oral Implantology

Maxillary Dental Implants: A Dynamic Approach to Oral Implantology

Cinemaradiographic Photography of Chewing in Dental Implant Patients

Dr. Leonard Linkow on Dental Implants at Harvard University, Q & A

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