Dental Phobia Management

The Center for Special Dentistry® (CSD) in New York offers unique dental fear phobia management techniques for comfortable dentistry that include:

Professionally and/or physically powerful people frequently need assistance with Dentist Fear Management because of their difficulty in giving up control over a sensitive part of their body. We give our patients the personalized care and control they need to feel comfortable.

Personalized care at CSD is perfect for dental phobic people from NY or around the world. Take for example how a dental shot (Novocaine injection) is delivered at CSD compared to a typical dental office. First CSD dentists always start a Novocaine injection with the narrowest needle possible; if a wider, longer needle may be necessary it will not be used until after the patient is already numb in that area. The actual injection of the Novocaine into the patient is delivered very slowly because many people experience pain from a sudden large volume of injected Novocaine.

CSD offers many different types of Novocaine because some people may not get numb with the more common brands but will respond quite well to the lesser known – but more expensive brands. The amount of numbness achieved for dentistry can vary tremendously because of the different chemistry of the different brands. Novocaine is a commonly known brand and so many people incorrectly think that all dental anesthetic is the same.

Some areas of the mouth, like directly under the nose or the palate, are much more sensitive to dental injections. In these cases CSD dentists will start the application of Novocaine in a less sensitive area first and give it time to get numb. Then a series of smaller injections will lead to the sensitive area but always remaining within the leading edge of the anesthetized gums. This results in a patient feeling minimal discomfort during injection in very sensitive areas of the mouth. This technique requires extra time and the desire & skill to offer pain free dentistry.

Sometimes it is appropriate to wait five or ten minutes between injections; sometimes a patient may need 15 – 20 minutes for their teeth and gums to become fully numb. All of this takes time and cannot be accomplished in an insurance dental office that has to put a new patient in the same chair every thirty minutes. The extra time and supply costs are worth the difference in patient comfort. At CSD we focus on Personalized, Comfortable Dentistry right in the heart of NYC.

See our before and after photos of Dental Phobia Fear Management and Treatment.