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Photos: Curve of Spee, dental teeth bite - see Occlusion

curve of spee, occlusion teeth bite  adjustment tooth occlusal anaylsis, facebow, hypereruption supr
Supraeruption occurs when a tooth continues to grow out of the gum if the opposing tooth in the opposite jaw is missing. Treatment involves placing a tooth in the missing space and adjusting the height of the supraerupted tooth.
curve of spee, occlusion, bite, dental articulator, bite adjustment, occlusal analysis, facebow
This lower right three unit bridge was incorrectly made because the curve of Spee was not first reestablished specifically regarding the upper right first molar tooth #3. The dotted white line in the photo shows where the upper tooth should have first been reduced before making the lower dental bridge. This would have helped recreate a normal curve of Spee and healthy dental occlusion.
dental articulator, bite adjustment, Supra-eruption, supraeruption, mesial drift, tipping, occlusion
Supraeruption and mesial drift secondary to extraction of a lower first molar tooth. Photos 1) -2) The upper first molar has supra-erupted because its opposing antagonist, the lower first molar, has been extracted. Photo 3) Mesial drift of the lower second molar tooth is seen secondary to the removal of the lower first molar. Photo 4) Both supra-eruption of the upper first molar tooth and mesial drifting of the lower second molar tooth can be seen in this one x-ray because the lower first molar tooth was extracted and was not replaced with either a dental implant or bite plate. Conclusion: tooth extraction can frequently cause significant occlusal bite problems if not actively prevented.
Curve of Spee, dental articulator, bite adjustment, occlusal analysis, facebow, oral rehabilitation
Smile Makeover performed by a Columbia University dental student in our office. The student, Jared Bowyer, is part of a unique honors program at Columbia. This work involved recreating a healthy occlusion with a normal curve of Spee.