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Bridges, porcelain metal dental crown, fixed caps

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dental bridge, fixed caps, dental crown, oral rehabilitation, lab processed temp temporary Full mouth reconstruction on a phobic patient. Note that the patient had been wearing a very old, broken temporary dental bridge; she had been recementing it herself daily for years. The "after" photo shows a new lab processd temporary bridge placed later that same day. The words, crown and cap, mean the same thing; a dental crown and tooth crown also mean the same thing. A fixed dental bridge, or bridgework, typically means more than one crown - and that they are connected together as one piece. The word fixed typically means permanently cemented and not removable by the patient. Some patients incorrectly refer to their removable denture as a bridge.
porcelain metal tooth teeth ceramic, pfm retained baby teeth, partial anodontia, reconstruction Porcelain Crown Oral Reconstruction showing the maxillary, upper jaw, dental bridge and the mandibular, lower jaw, dental bridge. This 30 year old female who had many missing adult teeth, retained baby teeth and a closed bite. Before and after pictures.
Bridges, fixed caps, dental crowns, porcelain metal tooth teeth ceramic, pfm,  partial anodontia Porcelain Crown and Bridge Reconstruction, dental bridge, for a 30 year old female who had many congenitally missing teeth. Photo #2 of 2.
underbite Bridges, fixed caps, dental crown, porcelain metal, pfm, class 3 three prognathic Correction of Underbite (lower jaw in front of upper jaw, class 3) and retained baby teeth. Two 14 unit porcelain-metal dental bridges were used to increase vertical dimension and "jump" the cross bite. Dental Reconstruction for a 21 year old male who had a prognathic lower jaw and refused orthognathic options. Photo #1 of 2. Treatment time - 16 days
Bridges, fixed caps, dental crowns, porcelain metal, pfm, prognathic, underbite class 3, oral rehab Correction of Underbite (lower jaw in front of upper jaw, class 3) and retained baby teeth. Two 14 unit (14 teeth) porcelain-metal bridges were used to increase vertical dimension and "jump" the cross bite. Treatment time - 16 days
Bridges, how to repair dental crowns  porcelain metal, pfm, Cantilever Bridge  Abutment Dental bridge, crown and bridge repair. How to pictures. 1) - 4) Patient presented with a two-unit porcelain fused to metal bridge that had come out. The bridge abutment was on the upper left canine #11 and it was cantilevered in the upper left lateral position #10. The patient had recently moved to NY and then lost his job in the computer industry and was financially unable to properly rebuild this area at this time. The patient sought a temporary repair though he knew this would ultimately sacrifice the already badly damaged, and possibly untreatable, canine. 4) The canine abutment had significant decay. 5) The decay was removed from the canine and a post space created. 6) A pre-fabricated post was cemented into place. 7) A chemically cured bonding material was added to the post and the bridge was placed on top, and occasionally removed, during hardening. 8) The bridge was cemented onto this new abutment using chemically cured bonding material and a little dental bonding was also added to the distal of the left central #9 to help support the cantilever during vertical loading. The patient understands the need for more comprehensive care when circumstances allow.
porcelain metal tooth teeth ceramic, pfm Kristobal Fixed Bridge, Cristobal Maryland Bridge, partial Placement of a Maryland Bridge fixed bridge to replace two missing lower central incisors. 1) Pre-op view with the patient's removal partial denture in place. 2) Pre-op view with the denture removed. 3) - 4) Two extra oral pictures of the bridge. 5) - 8) Four post-op photos following bonding of the bridge to the lateral incisor teeth. These dental bridges can work well in the anterior when a patient is willing to place less force upon them.
bridges, fixed porcelain metal caps crowns ceramic, pfm,  Phobic Patient Roundhouse, full arch Upper full mouth reconstruction in a nervous dental patient. The patient was a pretty, 33 year-old female. Treatment included porcelain fused to metal dental crown & bridge, root canal therapy on all teeth abutments, root tip extractions, and facial teeth bonding on both upper lateral incisors. The upper anterior root canal and crowns were first completed to show her how pretty her teeth could look and that it could be accomplished quickly and painlessly. Extractions of the hopeless teeth were all completed at one time and initiated early to allow time for healing before bridgework. Then root canal therapy was performed on the posterior abutments before their preparation for bridgework. The patient experienced minimal post-operative pain.
how to Bridges, dental crowns  Cristobal Kristobal Maryland bridge, edentulous span Maryland dental bridge technique. How to pictures. 1) Maryland bridge. 2) Master model showing the prepared abutments with occlusal rests. 3) - 5) The bridge in place on the master model. 6) Intra-oral photo of the edentulous span. 7) - 8) The bridge in place.


 Information about these dental photos

     In medicine and dentistry "left" and "right" are based upon the orientation of the patient's body and not how they appear in a photograph of a smile.  For example, a reference to the upper left teeth will actually appear to be on the right side when viewing a picture of the face and similarly an upper right tooth will appear to be on the left side.

     Many words in dentistry like oral and mouth have a similar meaning and are frequently used together to help our readers find specific words they best understand.  This is particularly important because a majority of our visitors are from countries where English is not their primary language.  Maxilla or maxillary refer to the upper jaw.  Mandible or mandibular refer to the lower jaw.

     There are many other similar word combinations used throughout this website because our pages are read by patients and dentists.  A few of the most common are discussed here.  Tooth decay, tooth cavity and dental caries all mean the same thing.  Tooth, teeth and dental are also frequently interchanged as in teeth veneers or dental veneer laminate.  Oral rehabilitation and dental reconstruction mean smile makeover.  The word for x-ray may be used with or without a hyphen (this is true for other words too) and can also be called a radiograph.