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Bonding teeth, white tooth fillings, dental bonded composite resin

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Image Photo Description
teeth bonding Before and After pictures cosmetic bonded, photographs, photos,  composite resins Before and After smile makeover pictures. Eight white teeth fillings, composite resins. Six teeth crown caps. Five root canals. Gum therapy. Teeth Whitening. Total treatment time: nine days of cosmetic dentistry.
deciduous tooth removal, cosmetic tooth  bonding, composite operative dentistry bonded Dental bonding was applied to the labial surface of the adult canine tooth after the extraction and healing of the retained baby tooth.
dental bonding composite tooth  restorations, white teeth fillings,  operative dentistty Oral Reconstruction with porcelain crowns, teeth bonding, teeth whitening, gum & root canal therapy, and braces. Treatment time (except braces): 2 months Teeth Braces treatment time: 7 months
teeth bonding cosmetic dental fillings general dentistry Diastema Tooth filling Spaces Closing a diastema (the space between the two upper front teeth) with dental bonding, a white tooth filling material. Note how the bonding contours around the gingival papilla (gum point). A #12 scalpel gives a much finer point than a typical plastic instrument to add precise and tiny amounts of bonding material.
Bonding, cosmetic dental fillings general dentistry composite Bonding, Maryland Bridge, denture Placement of a Kristobal (Maryland Bridge-type) fixed bridge to replace two missing lower central incisors. 1) Before photo with the patient's removable partial denture in place. 2) Pre-op view with the denture removed. 3) - 4) Two views of the Kristobal bridge. 5) - 8) Four After photos following adhesive teeth bonding of the bridge to the lateral incisors. These bridges can work well in the anterior when a patient is willing to place less force upon them.
dental composite resins, peg lateral  incisor, Tooth Sculpting Reshaping,  composite bonding Cosmetic dentistry with Sculpting teeth reshaping and Composite Bonding, a white tooth filling material. Note how the incisal edges of the top and bottom teeth were reshaped and how the space on the upper lateral incisor was closed with teeth bonding.
esthetic teeth bonding dentistry, tooth shapes,  Straightening Teeth, maxillary central incisors Cosmetic dentistry with Sculpting - incisal adjustment - and Bonding the upper central incisors, and teeth whitening. Note how the eccentric shapes of the centrals were reduced and dental bonding was added to the mesio-incisal angles. Collectively, this makes the teeth appear straight.
tooth Bonding, cosmetic dental fillings general dentistry, PFM Crowns, Preventive root canal therapy Maxillary arch oral reconstruction in a patient who was afraid of the dentist. The patient was a pretty, 33 year-old female. Treatment included porcelain fused to metal crown & bridge, root canal therapy on all teeth abutments, root tip extractions, and facial teeth composite bonding on both upper lateral incisors. The upper anterior root canal and crowns were first completed to show her how pretty her teeth could look and that it could be accomplished quickly and painlessly. Extractions of the hopeless teeth were all completed at one time and initiated early to allow time for healing before bridgework. Then root canal therapy was performed on the posterior abutments before their preparation for bridgework. The patient experienced minimal post-operative pain.
Esthetic Dentistry, Tooth Sculpting, Teeth  reShaping, Dental Bonding Cosmetic dentistry with Sculpting - teeth reshaping - and Bonding the upper central incisors. Note how the eccentric shapes of the centrals were reduced and dental bonding was added to the mesio-incisal angles. Collectively, this makes the teeth appear straight.
dental Bonding, cosmetic dental filling  general dentistry Dental Porcelain Repair, Broken Teeth Repair of a porcelain fused to metal crown that had an open contact due to fractured porcelain. The open contact bothered the patient. The crown was prepared in a manner similar to that for a mesio-occlusal restoration. Tooth bonding material was placed inside this preparation after porcelain etching and priming with silane.
Tooth Cavity, Decay, Dental White  Fillings, Flowable Teeth Composite Bonding Balls Final tooth preparation before placement of direct composite resin material in a lower molar. 1) - 2) Final tooth preparation. 3) Placement of chemically-cured flowable bonding material. Note the presence of several spheres of slightly different-colored bonding material within the flowable bonding material. These are spheres of light-cured bonding material ("bonding balls") that are used to condense the flowable composite against the inner walls of the tooth preparation. 4) The final bonded restoration.


 Information about these dental photos

     In medicine and dentistry "left" and "right" are based upon the orientation of the patient's body and not how they appear in a photograph of a smile.  For example, a reference to the upper left teeth will actually appear to be on the right side when viewing a picture of the face and similarly an upper right tooth will appear to be on the left side.

     Many words in dentistry like oral and mouth have a similar meaning and are frequently used together to help our readers find specific words they best understand.  This is particularly important because a majority of our visitors are from countries where English is not their primary language.  Maxilla or maxillary refer to the upper jaw.  Mandible or mandibular refer to the lower jaw.

     There are many other similar word combinations used throughout this website because our pages are read by patients and dentists.  A few of the most common are discussed here.  Tooth decay, tooth cavity and dental caries all mean the same thing.  Tooth, teeth and dental are also frequently interchanged as in teeth veneers or dental veneer laminate.  Oral rehabilitation and dental reconstruction mean smile makeover.  The word for x-ray may be used with or without a hyphen (this is true for other words too) and can also be called a radiograph.