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repair of a porcelain crown fracture, fix broken dental teeth caps

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Repair of fractured porcelain dental crown Fracture fix  etch silane primer bond bonding How to repair a porcelain fused to metal dental crown that had an open contact due to fractured porcelain. The open contact bothered the patient. The crown was prepared in a manner similar to that for a mesio-occlusal restoration. Dental bonding material was placed inside this preparation after porcelain etching and priming with silane.
repair of fractured porcelain crowns, fix dental cap, Post and Core, Patient Behavior Management Emergency new patient seeking a porcelain dental crown repair. This woman believed the broken upper lateral crown could be quickly recemented. Many of the tooth crowns and root canals seen in the x-ray were recently completed by her current dentist with whom she had a good relationship. I informed the patient that: 1) The crown appeared to completely seat on the post and core instead of solid tooth structure. 2) The prefabricated post preparation was short and was probably weak. I did not want to take out the loose crown and then find that I also had a loose post and core in my hand. Proper care might indicate a new, longer cast post and core, possible crown lengthening, and a new crown. Crown lengthening surgery could likely affect the crown margins on all the other new anterior crowns. Once you touch it, you own the problem. The dentist and patient need to agree in advance about what could happen, and what might then need to be done, if an "easy" repair turns out to be quite a big problem. This is both fair and appropriate for the patient and will save a lot of young dentists from having a major, unexpected problem. All things considered it was not worth getting started. The patient was appreciative of my assessment and was happy to return to her dentist for the repair.


 Information about these dental photos

     In medicine and dentistry "left" and "right" are based upon the orientation of the patient's body and not how they appear in a photograph of a smile.  For example, a reference to the upper left teeth will actually appear to be on the right side when viewing a picture of the face and similarly an upper right tooth will appear to be on the left side.

     Many words in dentistry like oral and mouth have a similar meaning and are frequently used together to help our readers find specific words they best understand.  This is particularly important because a majority of our visitors are from countries where English is not their primary language.  Maxilla or maxillary refer to the upper jaw.  Mandible or mandibular refer to the lower jaw.

     There are many other similar word combinations used throughout this website because our pages are read by patients and dentists.  A few of the most common are discussed here.  Tooth decay, tooth cavity and dental caries all mean the same thing.  Tooth, teeth and dental are also frequently interchanged as in teeth veneers or dental veneer laminate.  Oral rehabilitation and dental reconstruction mean smile makeover.  The word for x-ray may be used with or without a hyphen (this is true for other words too) and can also be called a radiograph.