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Photos: full bony impaction, Wisdom Teeth extraction, impacted molar

sulcular incision extending into retromolar pad exposes impacted wisdom tooth lower jaw
A sulcular incision extending into the retromolar pad exposes an impacted wisdom tooth in the lower jaw.
full bony impactions, Wisdom Teeth Tooth, impacted oral surgery surgical removal extract
Wisdom teeth will typically grow into the mouth between ages 18-25. ALL dental patients should be thoroughly examined by a competent dentist to discover the need for their extraction and the risk of not doing so. Too many adults have unnecessarily suffered irreparable damage from the over-retention of wisdom teeth. This x-ray shows impacted maxillary and mandibular wisdom teeth. 2) Photo of the lower impacted wisdom tooth partially submerged below the gums and leaning against the otherwise healthy second molar. This will frequently cause dental caries and gum problem around the second molar over time.
full bony impactions Wisdom Teeth  Tooth, third 3rd molar surgical extraction pain removal
How to extract an impacted lower wisdom tooth. Pictures. 1) The initial incision. 2) Reflection of the soft tissue. 3) Bur cut in bone makes room to move the tooth. 4) Tooth sectioned to facilitate removal. 5) Mesial half of the tooth being elevated out of the tooth socket. 6) Mesial half of the tooth is coming out of the socket. 7) Entire tooth now elevated out of the socket.
full bony impactions, Wisdom Tooth, third 3rd molar, oral surgery surgical, removal, exodontia
How to pictures show extraction technique of an impacted lower wisdom tooth. Photo 1) The tooth is surgically exposed and cut into two pieces. Photo 2) The crown of the tooth is now out. The root tip awaits elevation. The last sentence below the image reads "The root tip awaits final elevation."
Extraction impacted wisdom tooth removal, impaction, bony, oral surgery, exodontia pain
Suturing the vertical releasing incision after extraction of an impacted maxillary wisdom tooth. Sutures are stitches.
full bony impactions, third 3rd molar, impaction, impacted oral surgery , extraction cyst removal
Cyst removal following extraction of an impacted maxillary wisdom tooth facilitates healing.
full bony impactions, Wisdom Teeth Tooth, third 3rd molar,  removal surgical extraction cyst
Extraction of an impacted maxillary wisdom tooth. Technique. 1) Vertical releasing incision. 2) Soft tissue reflection of the gums. 3) Wisdom tooth is just visible under bone. 4) Tooth socket after tooth removal.
full bony impactions, Wisdom Teeth Tooth, third 3rd molar surgical removal, exodontia, impacted
Removal of an impacted wisdom tooth and the adjacent second molar. 1) X-ray shows the double impaction. 2) - 6) Different pictures show the large osseous defect and the significant exposure of the distal furcation of the first molar. 7) - 8) Packing the bone defect with freeze-dried bone and gelfoam.
full bony impactions, Wisdom Tooth, third 3rd molar, oral surgery extraction error mistake
Mistaken removal of the wrong tooth. This patient had recently moved to NYC from Seattle. She brought prior radiographs and an interesting story. 1) In Seattle the patient was referred to an oral surgeon for the removal of wisdom tooth #1 but tooth #2 the second molar was mistakenly extracted instead. 2) The x-ray taken after the extraction of #2 shows tooth #1 is still present. 3) This new, less clear xray was taken a year later in Seattle but the wisdom tooth #1 can be seen moving down into the second molar position on its own. 4) This xray was the first of the series taken in our office. The wisdom tooth #1 has almost fully erupted on its own after about two and a half years. Ironically the patient was billed for and did pay for the removal of the wrong tooth.
horizontal full bony impactions, Wisdom Teeth Tooth removal 3rd molar, abscess extraction Abscess
Extraction of a horizontally-impacted mandibular wisdom tooth simultaneously with the removal of the second molar that showed severe dental caries. The patient felt a lot of tooth pain. 1) Initial x-ray. 2) Tooth #31 had a temporary dental filling in it placed by a previous dentist. 3) - 4) After removal of the crown of #32 the residual empty tooth socket can be seen. 5) - 6) A minimal periodontal flap was reflected to show exposure of the roots of #32 with sectioning. 7) Extraction of the first root. 8) Second root brought forward in socket and ready for removal.