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Photos: Tooth infection, odor, cure mouth smell, treatment for gums

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Before and after pictures: Tooth infection teeth. SEE SPECIFIC SECTIONS FOR MORE INFORMATION on tooth infections and other types of oral mouth gum infections like Endodontics, Microbiology, Periodontics and Wisdom.
tooth infection teeth oral mouth gums  periodontal cultures germs bacteria microbiology bad breath
These pictures show how to perform a periodontal oral microbiology culture to test for the presence of bacteria in the gums. The results obtained can be used to treat periodontal gum and tooth infections. First use a cotton pellet and a college pliers to wipe away supragingival plaque. Place a medium cotton point (from endo) into about six different sites with the deepest periodontal probings. Leave the cotton point in place for five to ten seconds and then quickly place it in the culture medium. This is the ideal way to discover the type of infection involved and will help provide a method of treatment for the teeth and gums.