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Thousands of Dental Photos have been created by Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman, Director of The Center for Special Dentistry®.

Photos: sculpting for tooth length, reshape teeth

cosmetic dentistry before a wedding, reshaping teeth for a bride, dental bonding
Prenuptial cosmetic dentistry. This patient came to us three days before her wedding after seeing prenuptial photos. She wanted a simple, fast and cost-effective improvement to her smile in one visit. We offered her Sculpting - reshaping teeth - and Cosmetic Bonding for her upper right canine #6 to make it look like a lateral incisor. Total treatment time was 25 minutes without need for novocaine.
lingual braces, sculpting, incisal adjustment, occlusal equilibration, recontour long teeth, Jake
Sculpting - reshaping lower front teeth during lingual braces (fixed braces behind the teeth). This procedure took five minutes without the need for shots. It will also help reduce the amount of time that braces are needed.
porcelain teeth veneers dental sculpting tooth reshaping incisal adjustment fangs
Porcelain dental veneers and sculpting -reshaping the lower front teeth. Before and after photos. The upper porcelain teeth veneers were used to close the large teeth gaps spaces after the two upper front teeth were dramatically shortened. Sculpting may also be called incisal adjustment.
sculpting reshaping long and short teeth  incisal adjustment recontouring drilling
Sculpting - Reshaping lower teeth to improve the appearance. One visit. No braces, no shots, no pain.
sculpting for tooth length, reshaping long and short teeth occlusal adjustment equilibration
Sculpting - Reshaping lower teeth to improve the appearance. One visit. No braces, no shots, no pain.
tooth length reshaping, teeth recontouring,  incisal occlusal adjustment  sculpting
Bonding and Sculpting - incisal adjustment. Treatment time: 1 visit!
reshaping, recontouring,   instant orthodontics,  adjustment, sculpting, cosmetic esthetic dentistry
Sculpting - reshaping the lower front teeth is fast and painless cosmetic dentistry. Some Cosmetic Dentists refer to it as Instant Orthodontics.