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Photos: fixed lingual wire palatal, orthodontic retention retainer

braces, fixed lingual and palatal bonded wire orthodontic retention teeth retainer
Post-Orthodontic Retention: Fixed or removable is always required. Fixed orthodontic retention is shown here in the pictures. A fixed teeth retainer is usually made of metal wire that is glued with dental bonding to the back of the upper and lower front teeth.
retainer teeth braces, fixed lingual  bonded wire  orthodontic retention
Removal of a partially debonded fixed orthodontic teeth retainer. How to pictures. In the upper photo a dental explorer is placed between the dental bonding material and the tooth. The lower picture shows the dental retainer being removed. You may use a handpiece to gently obliterate any splint and/or bonding material that does not easily lift off with a college plier.
braces, fixed orthodontic retention dental palatal wire bonded retainer teeth procedure
Orthodontist placement of a fixed palatal retaining wire before removal of orthodontic brackets. The fixed retainer is placed first to avoid teeth movement. Ligatures are used to stabilize the wire before dental bonding. How to pictures - fixed orthodontic retention teeth retainer.